Products-Web Apps


eBonder is a process automation product from Sun KPO Systems LLP and Cargomen Logistics specifically aimed at STPI and SEZ bonded ware houses. The complete process from creation of bonds for inward (imports), indigenous (local purchases), repairs and removals and finally uploading electronic Form A. eBonder offers number of pre-configured ready made reports and dashboards for managing the bond and asset information.



IOTi ( IOT Installer ) is a web and mobile based applicaiton to complete automate the workflow of an IOT device manufacturer and sales company (OEMs). It supports inventory upload , distribution , technician assignment, installation tickets workflow, IOT device spot testing & verification. The sales model supports region wise distributor, dealer and technician model, as well as independent business owner model. IOTi will give a tremendous boost to the OEM for an organized way to sell and stay in touch with the customer.